The Outsider

From the very beginning she knew

She had a mold to fit into

She had to don the role

A part she couldn’t misconstrue

She was to be a taciturn spectator

Silence was to be her haven

Silence could be her only weapon

She could be seen not heard

Couldn’t ever muster the courage

To voice her opinion or get a word

She could do as she pleased

As long as she bent and appeased

There was an imperceptible wall

Which she couldn’t ever thaw

She could call nothing her own

She knew it was her destiny to stride alone

When the cobwebs of time settled on her soul

Her mind hardened like dusky coal

She lost her desire and candor

To possess and connect with the world outside

She was happy being a solitary bystander

Choosing her own pace and stride

One thought on “The Outsider

  1. Aahh.. there’s something very melancholy and dark about this one.. and yet, it is so tender that one can immediately sense the deep longing felt by this person..
    Very beautifully written indeed !!

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