Soothing Silence

Staring into nothingness

She gazed out of the French window`

The veneer of darkness

Made her azure eyes glow

She looked at the sparkling night sky

The silver moon played hide and seek

Not a soul in sight to hear her cry

She could hear the silence of the night speak

She could feel the nocturnal stillness

Percolate into her parched soul

She felt with the night a rare oneness

A quiet smile touched her lips as she felt whole

8 thoughts on “Soothing Silence

  1. Hey LOI

    🙂 🙂

    And the mention of those French Window reminded me of a short story, don’t remember the writer … about a man who visits a house with French Windows. The Parlour girl (I think) tells the visitor of the family lore, about how the ghosts of her master and his sons come through those windows muddying the lawn… and when they really come, the man faints or dies… from memory 🙂 Loved that tale then and now, but don’t remember the name of the ss or the writer

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