The Inner Voice

There are times when we listen to it, sometimes merely shrug it off and at others merely ignore its very existence. Yes I am talking about that unsettling, niggling voice in your head, the one that sows the seed for self-doubt, the voice that makes you feel unloved, wallow in self-pity. The devil in all of us that gets the better of us sometimes…We human beings have it in us to be our best friends and our own worst enemies. That familiar yet disconcerting feeling  that sets in and sets the stage for fear  and  a sense of inadequacy  in taking life head on… At some point in time we all find ourselves wrestles with that voice in our head. Sometimes we’re able to overcome it, at others it overpowers us and gets the better of us!  Till the time we don’t make peace with ourselves, keep fighting our instincts, the voice will only keep getting louder. The day you learn to face it…You would encounter that the voice quietly fades away.  Maturity is really about accepting oneself with one’s insecurities, fears and doubts and coming to terms with the fact that we’re all human and don’t need to grin and bear it all the time. We have our failings, our Achilles heel, and our flaws but in no way do we need to beat ourselves in our head about these imperfections.

8 thoughts on “The Inner Voice

  1. Yes, instead of trying to fight it, we need to just go within lifes flow, it makes living so much easier. None of us is perfect, that’s why we’re all here, to learn.
    nicely written, thanks for sharing.

  2. yea.. it’s my imperfections that make me, well me!
    Acceptance is the first step… and maybe working on a few major flaws is the second.. 🙂

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