Solitary Swansong

There’s a sadness in your eyes which you’re struggling to mask

There are questions in your eyes which you never quite ask

There are unspent tears which you quietly imbibed

There  are scars in the heart so deeply inscribed

There’s a song in your head which you don’t let the lips hum

There are passions so volatile yet you stay numb

I wonder why you’ve caged your feelings, what could have gone so wrong

To make you choose a solitary sojourn and swan song





7 thoughts on “Solitary Swansong

  1. In the end those feelings will supress will find their own way up the surface, come hell of high water. We can think we’ve pushed them deep enough so they won’t hurt us anymore but, they do.
    Well penned!

  2. We all go through that at some point or other. And at this point, I can very much relate closely to the poem. As Bikram says,relation not working out is just another reason. The actual reasons sometimes just remains wrapped.

    I loved you poem.Makes the reader relate to it, quiet naturally!

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