All I want

In a world full of people on the trot above

AI look for is peace and   a little love

In a world bereft of sanctity and sense of duty

My eyes quest for traces of covert beauty

In a world full of people striving to cope

I seek is a lot of spirit and a little hope

In a world with undercurrents of charade and animosity

I seek a smidgen of truth and guileless  generosity

7 thoughts on “All I want

  1. You know the saying, seek and ye shall find, with so many looking for a little peace, grace, and beauty, you’d think that would change the world. At least I think it should. Maybe it just takes time. 🙂

  2. When we desire peace, we are not at peace.
    When we want love, we are not giving love.
    When we are not able to locate beauty around, we think beauty has vanished.
    When we don’t do our duty sincerely, we think no body is doing the same.
    In a world full of hope, if one is looking for traces of hope, then person needs to correct his point of view.
    We can see, think and act negativity and we will be filled with negativity.

    Happiness, peace, love, beauty and duty come to those, who are able to locate these in themselves and in their surroundings.

    6 can be imagined as 2 plus 4 or it can thought as 10 minus 4.

    God ( Krishna) says, “Whatever happened in past was good, whatever is happening is good and whatever will happen will be good.”

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