Intricate Patterns

Have you ever looked closely at life’s pattern?

There are peaks and troughs but there’s no return

What we feel and how we relate

Is worth trying to deliberate

Whether we destroy or we create

Whether we choose to accept or negate

How we look at the world and assimilate

How we narrate and communicate

Whether we seek equilibrium or spate

We blame our parents for rearing us so wrong

We can’t figure whether to fly or belong

There’s a pattern rather straight

We spend a childhood trying to emulate

An adolescence striving to separate

Youth proving our worth and trying to substantiate

A middle age endeavouring to consolidate

And much of our old age is spent in trying to ruminate

We dismiss, defy and  deny without a pause

Till we settle down with our own calling and cause

We think parenting is no tall order;it’s a walk in the clouds , a smooth sail over still water

Eventually we learn to value our nurturers  when god blesses  us with a rather rebellious son or daughter!

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