The way we are…

We women are too hard on ourselves.nothing we do is ever good enough in our eyes ! We’re just so self deprecatory and a tad too modest for our own good. We might have it all going for us, including a career yet we seek validation from our loved ones, it is from our intimate relationships ( or lack of them!)  that we derive our sense of self worth. We can be assertive with the world and yet become putty in the hands of our loved ones. Our inherent vulnerability, the way we put our hearts naked, unarmed  on our palms and let the world pound over it. The way we let our hearts rule our head,the way we let emotions get the better of us..We put everyone before ourselves, try to stretch, try hard to fit in with everyone and go all out to please everyone..and often end up pleasing none!   I often wonder why are we wired like that ? I beat myself  about it and keep waxing eloquent with my mom and sister about how we women need to be emotionally tougher..yet sometimes you can tire yourself fighting your natural impulses but they still manage to get the better of you !

5 thoughts on “The way we are…

  1. I guess without sounding sexist and with all due respect to all women..

    I guess thats how nature intended to be for female.. its not jsut in human in every speciy females are bit more on the emotional side .. I guess its the hormones

    but then what do i know I may be wrong ..

  2. I will disagree a bit because may be I’m not of that mould 🙂 In fact sometimes I appreciate myself in some things that I do and think that none other can do it that perfectly 😉 too much to boast about self I know but that’s the way I’m 🙂

  3. I am so not of that mold!!
    And Im not too hard on myself.. I give up when there’s still a long way to go sometimes… this doesn’t make me a quitter – just human.
    I dont seek validation from my loved ones.. though their approval means the world to me – I’m fine when I’m not appreciated as well and do things just for me 🙂

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