When we branch out on our own..we’re raw, naive and unabashed. I still remember when I first left home to work, I was a tad too idealistic and was brimming with enthusiasm. Almost four years down the line, a few hard knocks from life, a lot of lessons later I am a tad wiser..not really there but at least I have more realistic expectations of love, life and work..But sometimes I really miss the energy I then possessed and the foolish optimistic streak which made me believe I could change the world !!  I was perpetually air-borne living in a world of my making. Being on terra firma has its advantages; you’re more of a realist, you learn to tackle life’s complexities, untie the knots and understand what really makes the world tick.. But somehow I am still miles away from being street smart and smart Alecky..perhaps what ever might happen .with time it’s dawned on’s core essentially remains the same.. what one values, cherishes, believes in, what moves you, makes you cry, what makes you feel vulnerable; doesn’t change and for that I am eternally grateful. The day I stop reacting , lose my joie-de-vivre.. and become atrophied will be the day my spirit wares down…It is a constant endeavour  to keep that flame burning, that spirit alive, to keep the inner child tickled , to see the world with rose-tinted glasses sometimes …this is what makes life worthwhile…

7 thoughts on “Ruminations…

  1. well written, megha
    experience has this uncanny knack of leaving you with a lot of learning.
    dont worry, idealism hasnt given way to ruthless practical stuff. it has just made you sit back and understand the diversity in life itself.
    keep writing. i find you growing as a writer

    take care

  2. Yes, I believe the core., never changes without immense effort, if one feels the need for it, but our expectations from the world, acceptance, those things do change with time! And yes, I miss my less cynical, trusting, full of enthusiasm self a lot too!

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