Relinquishing control

Where does the need to control our circumstances, control people around us stem from ?  It’s a vicious circle, the need first stems from total lack of coherence and control in our inner world and when things don’t go the way we would want them to it fuels even more misery. Most of us reconcile with life when things don’t always go the way we want them to..but someone with a strong urge to control feels abysmally low,when what they want doesn’t materialize.. For them life is always my way or the highway..It is like carrying a perpetual burden. It feels lighter to just let go. This is not to say that we shouldn’t take onus for our actions…but it would make it a lot easier if we wouldn’t try to influence the outcomes. Rather than be all uptight and headstrong why don’t we make things easier for ourselves by mere acceptance of the fact that there are things which are beyond our sphere of control…

4 thoughts on “Relinquishing control

  1. How true.. it’s about ego… control and power!
    That’s why we have so many unwanted issues and complications!! Sigh!!


    Same pinch on the template! 😀
    It’s lovely na?! 😀

  2. well dont know how you will take it , If they say there way or the highway I would prefer the HIGHWAY .. cause who knows walking on that highway who we will meet 🙂

    always a new start ..

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