Here’s for you Dad :)

A wordsmith, a litterateur and idealist

Making a difference to lives is always on your list

Touching lives, giving people a patient ear

You assuage many people’s fear

Ever so patient, loving and kind

You’ve always lived a life of the mind

With a sage like countenance

You’ve always given in abundance

A loving father, a husband par excellence

You light up our lives with your dynamic presence


Happy Birthday Dad 🙂 Here are my Birthday wishes..trying to reach  out  to you..from miles apart …

14 thoughts on “Here’s for you Dad :)

  1. Beta, I’m overwhelmed by your gesture. It’s so…so touching. And let me tell you, no question of you being miles apart, because you are always in my heart. You are the eldest and a very special one. Love you and adore you, always. God bless you. Pa….

  2. what more can a dad get from his loving daughter!!

    and what more can a daughter get from her loving dad!!

    cheers to both of you.

    to you, sir for a long and healthy life
    and to you, young lady, for a life of wisdom

    achal rangaswamy

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