Ephemeral Feelings..

I am an eternal,hopeless romantic.. I’m in love with the very idea of being in love.. and am hopelessly in love with life and everyone who matters to me.. Yet I can never fathom why do we have to subscribe to market manufactured ideas of love ? Undoubtedly Valentine’s day is special..but it shouldn’t become a day to make your poor husband/ boyfriend pay through his nose.. I’ve seen women drop shameless hints to their poor husbands asking for solitaires, trips abroad..all in the name of Valentines’ day.. I am all for showering gifts to make your better half feel special..whatever may be the occasion .But is that the only way of expressing one’s love and affection ? What is even sad when people start equating the love with the value of the gift , that is something I found most despicable ..Is a solitaire proof enough that a man loves his wife more than a man who would perhaps come home with good old flowers and a card .. Newspapers and advertisers only reinforce the former it seems.. It saddens me to see something as pure and deep as love to be measured with something as ephemeral and superficial as materialistic things.. I would like anyone else love a good surprise or an expression of love.. but for me it isn’t the monetary value which makes it worthwhile ..it is the gesture and emotions which really count !

8 thoughts on “Ephemeral Feelings..

  1. Totally agree with u LOI 🙂 I can never bring myself to ask him such things 🙂 I do ask him for vacations though 😉 Am ready to plan and book everything, I only want his time even on that one 😛 😛

    ‘I’m in love with the very idea of being in love. ‘ – Loved this 🙂

  2. live everyday like it’s valentine’s day 😛 (not the spending so much part, but celebrating love part) why only one day to celebrate love, is what i ask 🙂

  3. VERY WELL PUT yes its all so commericalised.. A lady in my office got 12 red heart baloons , then an hour later some roses and then a cake and then something else .. THATS GOOD
    but to look at here she was more Embarassed to recieve them then happy .. and also why just one day …

    I love the people i care for the same i did yesterday and today, my heart doesnot grow bigger on 14th feb .. its the same 🙂

    HAppy valentines to you and each day of the year 🙂

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