Natty Networking !!

Mark Zuckerberg might have revolutionized the way we network online but he’s also turned us into a voyeuristic lot ! Social networking has put all us in a habit of playing to the gallery cause we think the world is watching us and for the rest of us  it’s turned us into these peeping toms prying on all and sundry to see what they’re up to. We choose to project an image to the world via Facebook, colour people’s perceptions into seeing us as we want them to and not as we really are.It’s as if we eat, breathe and live in a very manufactured sort of way to be able to portray to people on our friends’ list a picture perfect life.. It’s as if we’re on a stage, dancing, singing, performing with full gusto and enthusiasm but eyeing  hungry for approval, adulation and envy from the audience. We pose for the most flattering photographs not to immortalize a few moments that matter to us, that have touched us.. but instead only to be able to post them on Facebook for people to see them !!  Especially among youth the peer pressure only got worse with Facebook .. I have noticed people using it not only to share moments but also flash their blackberries, Ipads, BMW and the works.Even vacation destinations, choice of hotels and the likes can be flaunted courtesy social networking. Facebook is a boon for show-offs.. I’ve seen the inanest status messages lately where people go berserk announcing to the world Yipee finally got my new IPAD 🙂 How my dear, does that affect the lives of people on your friend’s list ? It just keeps getting nattier !! 🙂  And the best part is no one even bats an eyelids..Perhaps at 26, I’m on the verge of becoming a cynical woebegone woman and can’t comprehend the way social networking has become not an integral part of our lives but a way of live itself !!

5 thoughts on “Natty Networking !!

  1. 🙂 he he he I perfectly agree with you though in my terms i am jealous why cant i buy the ipad or have the iphone and have the htc desire hd :O

    i got to go and loot a bank to od the same and then they say oh y u buying iphone 4 when the iphone 5 is coming out in JUNE ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. so true…
    I feel the reason is that nowdays we are so short of good frnds, those long talks which gave us appreciation and critcism… that we want fb to fulfill that part… hope we all start realizing the real need and work out more on this rather than posing good 🙂

  3. You are your mum’s true daughter. You have echoed her views on love. of course, your expression is individual. Isn’t it amazing! pa

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