Vicarious ways…

We carry the baggage all our life

Of dreams unfinished, anger and strife

Unknowingly somehow we pass it on

From mother to daughter and father to son

We choose to live vicariously through our progeny

We choose to be masters of their destiny

Very  rarely does it dawn  on us

Just because we missed the bus

We can’t pass on our unfinished dreams and hidden desire

Each of  us here to carve our own stone and light our own fire

7 thoughts on “Vicarious ways…

  1. AH HAAAAAA 🙂 wowo so nicely put.. yes we SHUDNOT put our ways or our missed dreams on to our children..

    I have been very lucky my parents never forced me to do something they supported me and let me do what i wanted as i wanted to .. I hope i do the same for mine.

    Beautiful poem we humans are funny…

  2. I think I have to keep a standard template for commenting on ur posts LOI. How, just how do u do it every time?
    Most of us can connect with what u say – and u pen them down so beautifully in just a few words! Amazing!

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