Stereotypical Notions…

It is so convenient a stance to put people in slots, stereotype them..especially in the Indian context it predominantly happens on the basis of community.. I grew up thinking we as a country had moved beyond parochialism and such things happened only aeons ago….It is only when I moved to Delhi that I woke up to the fact that community based prejudices were everywhere ..When began working did it dawn on me how people size up each other and even form cliques based on the community to which they belong. I once had a colleague who practiced Christianity come up to me and tell me out of the blue you Hindu girls have no morals ! I was too dumbfounded to react let alone retort with a smart reply !! It struck me how people still nurtured such redundant ideas and considered their community superior to others !!It struck me how stereotypes and even biases are sown into the very  threads of our society.. So many times I’ve had people tell me.. oh so you’re a Punjabi..really?? But we thought you Punjabi  girls are usually aggressive and fast..:roll:  As if one’s community can determine one’s character and personality. It never ceases to amaze me and even irk me how no amount of education and opening up the windows of our minds has helped wash away such deep-seated insulated notions.. What stems out of mere convenience of slotting people results in  an insulated way of life ..  we no longer care about delving deeper and understanding people.we seldom want to scratch the surface and look beyond the obvious. I wonder when ,if at all will we move beyond such shaky and ephemeral grounds of categorizing people and start seeing them as individuals in their own right ..without letting their race, caste, creed colour our perception..I  wonder when…!!

3 thoughts on “Stereotypical Notions…

  1. yup!
    But, thsi stereotyping is there everywhere – we see it more here because we live here – in India… I suppose it happens in various ways in different places!

    I just ignore such talk and yes – let’s hope that slowly but surely, this bad trend will stop…

  2. we indians are truly the worst Racisit people and we say the rest of the world is ..
    we have so many castes, place, even the MOHALLA is brought down
    I had written on this some times back, when i was asked where was i from , punjab and then what place in punjab since punjab is divided into 4 regions and so on …


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