Nosey Parkers

I am essentially a private person and nothing gets my goat like people asking extremely prying questions.. I have cribbed about this in my blog several times over.. The other day I was talking to someone and she too couldn’t fathom why most of us feel it is our prerogative to know what is going on in everyone’s lives.  She seemed peeved about a particularly intrusive neighbour. I could understand every bit of her dilemma because every time I see someone who isn’t meant to prying into my life…I cringe ( only in my head) and just shut off mentally. When people ask questions like what is your salary ? how much does your husband earn ? When do you plan to have kids ? The first thing that pops in my head is how does affect your life ? Usually it isn’t close friends but acquaintances and extended family members who think it is their birth right to be every bit of the nosy parkers they are !! Most of the time such people intrude into our lives in a rather well-meaning way, wanting to play a well-wisher or show concern.. but they seldom realize their unsolicited concern is only causing discomfort on the other side.. Why can we just let people be and not ask them questions we shouldn’t ? Perhaps as a society we’ve always been very community oriented and that is where all this stems from.. but with times changing it will help if we learnt to give the individual some breathing space..

7 thoughts on “Nosey Parkers

    • Loving this, because I blogged about the very same in a longish kind of way at my place! Why can’t they just look at us and learn from us about how not to pry into others lives!

  1. areeeeeeeeee well you see life has got so boring , so what they need is gossip. something to talk about and usually i find Though not a hard fact , people who ask these questions are the ones who got nothing else to do ..
    No job, or old people … those who are busy dont have time for such stupidity…

    We too have a person who wants to know what did or do , how much money i earn .. the last time i asked i was probably angry at something so i replied “More than you can earn in a year “.. She has shut up now…

    Another thing we face being abroad is people back home who have kids , asking me to take there kids abroad, How do i do that and if i say How.. its like You want ot earn yourself and have good life dont want our kids to be successfull…

    Beleive me I have stopped calling ANY Relative now cause this is the pet dialogue..

    People jsut can let it be they dont want to look into there own house, the own son might be roaming around with a girl but No they r more interested in whats going on in UR family 🙂

    Nowadays I jsut SMILE and do nothing … 🙂

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