Trying Twenties

With a lot of buzz about quarter-life crisis and the turbulent twenties, here are a few ramblings on how I would like to sum up how we twenty somethings take life head on and grapple with the challenges it brings.


There are days when the soul dances to a joyous song

There are days when the world goes topsy-turvy all wrong

On days we all feel on top of the world-invincible

Sometimes our only hope is wish we were invisible

There are the days when the spirit soars like a free bird

On others we’re trying to keep up with the herd

On some days we’re almost there

Sometimes we hate the world and just don’t care

On some days we know all that we want from life

On others it is battle with ourselves that we strive to survive

Sometimes hopping jobs, finding our true passion

Which we take on in our own lopsided fashion

We experiment with relationships to find our self

But we also chase marriage from the fear of being on the shelf

It’s a gift we owe to this day and age

A crisis , a dilemma for every stage

Sometimes its freedom we want out of sheer temerity

Sometimes we struggle for security

There’s emotional baggage and plenty

To deal with post twenty !!






6 thoughts on “Trying Twenties

  1. I have gone much furthur then the 20’s now .. wait till its 30’s or 40’s 🙂 but hey the ysay life beings at 40 .. s oyou are a child by that standard …

    but yes 20’s has its own experiences all those new things to do … ALL THE BEST … and Good luck…

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