Adieu 2010

As we prepare to say adieu to 2010.. I can’t help look back at the year that was. So much learnt, switched jobs, got married and learning how to stay married..happily 🙂 .. It was quite an year…not all was hunky dory ..there were rough patches..but on the whole and year I shall remember and look back in times to come. This year,I figured that as life takes its own course, relationships change, equations change and so do people.And now I am learning to tackle these changes. I discovered  that nothing can be more dangerous than getting trapped by one’s own ego, it is ok to let your guards down and tell people what you really think or feel. It dawned on me that eventually one had to learn to let go of things  and move on.bearing grudges only puts you on the road to misery..As 2011 waits to greet us just round the corner… I look forward to own it up with open arms.sans any resolutions for a change. I’d rather say a quiet prayer for health and happiness for my family and friends ( all you wonderful blogger friends too ) ..wisdom and stability in thought and action for myself and peace for the world in general..Cheers !! Have a fantastic 2011…

5 thoughts on “Adieu 2010

  1. 2010 has been eventful for a lot of people… and wowow yo ugot married 🙂 congrats and i like the line trying ot stay marreid he he heeh e

    same for me though i would like to foget what happened in 2010 but i gained so many people around me , SO MANY and god bless them all…

    thanks for the wishes

    A very happy new year to you and family.. and god bless everyone around you…


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