If I could feel the wind blowing on my face

If I could let things take their own pace

If I could set myself free from all fears

If I could not hold back those tears

If I could live my life again

If I could feel those drops of rain

If I could walk this path alone

If I could stop hearts from turning to stone

If I could have all that I so yearn

there would be nothing to look forward to or learn !!

7 thoughts on “If….

  1. exactly…so don’t try to hold those tears…crying is good for health 😀

    fear of something in life is a must 🙂

    what fun in living the same life yet again and knowing what’s gonna happen next 😉

    if you would have everything then it would seem like an end…

    so just let it be and relax…take it as it comes..one day at a time 🙂

  2. wudnot life be so beatuiful IF we could get to do all those beautiful things, wind on our face , if things happened at there pace, and we cu cry when we wanted to laugh when we wanted to

    Not sure about live my life again dont want to do the same mistake again.. but then for one mistake why not enjoy all the rest so YEah live life again yayyyyyyyyy

    “If I could stop hearts from turning to stone” this one I AM WITH YOU i wish tooo.. those hearts that turned to stone will they melt again will they..

    I am sure if we get all that there will be more to yearn for and one never stops to learn there is always something new to learn ….


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