Random Post

I am very much around.. I feel terribly guilty for not being able to read the posts of all my blogging pals. There’s a lot to catch up on.  Trying to fit in at the new workplace, learning to find my way about and find my feet here. At the moment I am brimming with enthusiasm, something new always makes me feel alive, cause the rut, routine is something that I associate with stagnancy and dread to death.. It’s business as usual, except that the guy is away on a short overseas office trip making me realize I have become a little too habituated to his presence. Does marriage do that you too ? Do you become each others habit ?? It intrigues me no end !! How can one person have so much power over you  : make you laugh, make you cry, infuriate you, make you feel secure !! Perhaps almost an year into marriage I am still learning what it entails , and quite loving every moment of it..

This was a mere ramble, I hope to be back in action soon,but first I need to hop across to a host of  blogs especially  Swaram, Pixie, Dew, Scribbler, Titaxy , Bikram, Ankur among other blogs I am dying to catch up on.

8 thoughts on “Random Post

  1. How sweet of u to say that girl. Thanks a lot for visiting soon 🙂

    And u read my mind. How can one person have so much power over you – I wonder too 🙂 🙂

  2. that’s what marriage is all about: a team work,a habit,a long journey together and the oneness you can feel with no one else 🙂

    OMG,thanks for mentioning me LOI !!! No hurries…come when you’re ready to take in all our posts 🙂 we’re here only…we won’t let you go too 😀


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