The Inner child

When time begins to leave its traces on our faces , we hold on to everything we shouldn’t grudges, hurt, and anger. As children we’re fluid, we hurt, forget and move on, as adults we develop such a stick in the mud attitude. Our habits, notions; get crystallized and hardened. The child in us is reprimanded and seldom allowed to have a say.Spontaneity and impulse give way to a very guarded and doctored self who parrots what is expected and socially acceptable.Sometimes to such an extent that we no longer recognize ourselves, our contrived self becomes our reality. Off late I’ve been contemplating a lot about why we adults burden ourselves with unnecessary baggage , we wear our past mistakes , anger and grudges like an albatross around our necks. We’re the inventors of  our own misery and despondence.           I am discovering how letting go is such a cathartic experience. It is so liberating to just let go and be a clean slate, chew each experience and relish it without permitting the shadows of the past to colour your experience. Then why squelch the voice of the inner child ? I wonder why…

5 thoughts on “The Inner child

  1. so true……..but yet its so difficult to just let go… everythign stays somewhere in our heads.. and the past…it keeps bothering the present, and i so hate it. but alas…….

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