Reality Bites !!

What I fear the most these days… is becoming atrophied .When one feels and thinks too intensely , one eventually reaches a dead-end beyond which there is just a deadening mind numbing sensation. The more I know of the world, understand it deeply, the less I like it and wonder why am I a part of all this ?  Perhaps it’s a sin to think and feel, one should merely act, parrot what is expected and get on with the business of life. But for someone like me who’s had an apology for a reality principle it is hard. I hold on to ideas and notions which seem to have lost meaning long back. Will I continue to cling to them, learn to move with the flow or learn to navigate my way against the tide.. Questions that continue to cloud my mind…missing pieces which I hope to fit in some day..

4 thoughts on “Reality Bites !!

  1. hmmm tricky but i agree with you the values and traditions or ideas that i grew up with or what my parents taught me seem to be going for a six around me, sometimes it feels will I be the only left

    but i would just say Think with your mind and ask the heart if its happy then am sure it will be the right thing to do , My dad used to say that listen to what everyone says , say yes to them but do what your heart says .. that way everyone is Happy 🙂


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