Sound Bites

The newspapers and tv channels are out doing each other by grabbing the nitty-gritty and tiny miny details of the Visit of Mr and Mrs O. Right from where they ate and what they wore , it just keeps getting more frivolous each day.Today I saw the hullaballoo the visit of an international dignitary can create on Delhi roads. I have never seen Delhi Police on its toes as I did today !! With so many traffic restrictions and roadblocks it became a sheer nuisance for the poor commuters. My three years in Delhi has often told me that auto drivers and cabbies in the city are self-appointed social commentators and they do quite a job of it 🙄 And I have this habit of grabbing their sound bites to get some fodder for my posts ;). My cabbie casually remarked , ” I wonder why the government and media goes overboard with such a visit and creates such hype on hosting the U. S President , will our PM and President get such a grand reception if they were to visit the United States ?? ” I wonder whether the news channels and newspapers have ever contemplated over this question !!

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