The Trap

It’s an easy trap to fall into..and most of us fall into it oh so willingly. Yes it’s called being a chronic worrier. If nothing else it will assuage our guilt and reassure us that even if we’re not doing something about a situation at least we’re worrying about it day in and day out. With time I’ve figured if one ever does happen to become a chronic worrier, it really does not serve any purpose. It just entices you to sink deep into a bottomless pit where you worry, create creases on your forehead, fret and fume but nothing ever gets done.. If there’s a situation you can’t handle worrying about it is really not getting you anywhere. Just calm down , take a deeeep breath and snap out of the trap ! If nothing else worrying only dims your ability to think clearly and overcome hurdles.So why fall into this trap so willingly ?

7 thoughts on “The Trap

  1. Sigh.. you are right!!
    As soon as I recognise the signs that I’m worrying too much – I try and snap out of it! That taking a deep breath part really helps, doesn’t it?! 🙂

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