Of Fear

What stops us from making a choice ?

What stops us from hearing our innermost voice ?

What is that stops us from change ?

What makes life seem like  a maze so strange ?

What holds us back from going with the flow ?

What prevents us from trying to grow ?

That naysayer , the devil that makes us see red

Is the niggling doubt, fear which we pass of

as the voice of our head !!

8 thoughts on “Of Fear

  1. I think its not just fear of failure,
    but a fear of loosing the comfort zone around us!

    It is this fear that stops us from trying new choices and exploring new options,
    that makes us trust the past rather than look confidently towards the future!

    PS: i almost felt that u read my mind while writing this post!

  2. FEAR indeed the wrost thing that can happen to any of us .. its take a lot of hard work and guts to over come them..

    I guess its the way we are brought up.. yeh na ho jaye
    woh na ho jaye

    yeh ho jayega
    woh ho jayega and blah blah blah

    and also the fact that we still beleive that if we FAIL, it will bring bad repute to our family and things like that … Loosing is not more a option even though we know for a FACT that
    99% of the people are loosers ….

    there is always only one winner , one person who comes FIRST , who is the winner rest have lost , so for ever winner there are more of loosers and it has been drilled into us that if we loose we have LOST Everything NO IT IS NOT… so

    we have to get this out of our minds 🙂

    Bikram’s Blog

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