While I was growing up and lived mostly in la la land or in other words in the ideal world , I always thought freedom is a right for each individual . This was only until reality decided to give me a wake up call. As I finished my studies and started working , I realized most of us struggle to create that elbow space, we fight numerous battles for our autonomy whether at work. It is a constant battle that rages with oneself and the world , to be free in spirit and action.

I guess it has a lot to do with the Indian DNA and the way we are reared . We’re seldom encouraged to questions, it is mostly about conforming to standards, toeing the line and playing by the rules . Does this leave much room for creativity and self expression. I think not , what’s your take ?

3 thoughts on “Autonomy

  1. It is tough..and take quite a bit of struggle to put ones point across in work environment, especially when you are starting out.. Once you grow in to your role it does get easier, I think, to express yourself, to ask questions.

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