Living in a metro has it advantages, it opens up a plethora of opportunities, it provides you a different kind of freedom. An anonymity in the guise of which a lot of small town people get away with things they couldn’t dream of saying and doing what they wanted to.

But with this freedom also creeps in a strange kind of loneliness. Each person lives in perpetual fear, the thought of trusting a stranger is too farfetched. In fact to quite an extent each individual’s life is like an island forlorn and isolated.

The familiarity that breeds contempt in moffusil and small town India is what people sometimes yearn for in a metropolis. This deep surged loneliness strikes me more when I see the morning paper carrying stories of people committing suicide, or even grotesque stories of mentally unstable people living with dead bodies in their house and an entire neighbourhood completely oblivious to this.

I am quite for individual freedom but stories like these sometimes drive home the need of community and familial support .. I may be reacting a little too strongly but these are the thoughts that the morning paper usually stirs in me.. what do you think ?

5 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. Hmm u hv a point there! Sometimes, esp. when we find it difficult to decide who/ what is genuine/not, I so feel life cud hv been simpler if we were living in a small town.

  2. Two sides of the same coin! It is difficult to trust a stranger. Period.

    But Intuition helps, so does the first move to smile and shake hands and say hey! I’m not armed… 😛 😛

  3. COmpletely agree with you… life has become fast-uncaring and rest of the pallava .. I always thought that when we were in small vilalges we care for each and everyone … I still remember EAch and every household in our village.. I can recall most people

    but in cities and especially here in UK i dont even know my neighbour..

    what would happen in case of need, there is a old woman next door I feel if she goes sick ro something I wont even know and vice versa..

    So small has always been goood .. then BIG.. 🙂

    Bikram’s Blog

  4. but we do end up making strange acquaintances. fellow daily passengers on the train, the owner of the grocery shop, the guy who walks his dog everyday in the neighbourhood. maybe we have also forgotten to smile back. things are usually so much better we do, right?

    but then again…. loneliness hits the most in the middle of the crowd.

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