Learning from Life

Recently I have really come to believe in the self-fulfilling prophecy and its power. What we achieve or we don’t really is determined by the expanse of our thoughts, our mental landscape.. At the end of the day it really is in our hands to take that leap of faith and reach out to want. I’ve also figured that we can be our own worst foes and best friends at the same time. Our mind is really an enigma… what we believe we can’t do ..never really does get done.. and what we seek with passion and purpose relentlessly eventually it does come to us.. It could be fear,inertia or sheer passivity which could be blocking the road to the life or calling we really want.. The onus really is on us to push the limits and hitch our wagon to the stars . As I write this it really isn’t meant to sound preachy to people but a note, rather reminder to myself that there is a lot that is yet to be explored and learnt. Such is life !!

11 thoughts on “Learning from Life

  1. In full agreement Ma’m
    The onus is on us…
    I go with the motto
    I can do it
    I will do it
    I must do it
    repeating it to myself a couple of times, gets things done like that 🙂

    we are our best motivation… The mind is a mould, keeping it positive and excited helps in a beautiful existence


  2. so very true .. totally agree with it, we need to stand up and face it head on and work hard very hard to get there …

    and as you said ITs upto us How hard we can try and HOW much we want what we WANT to achieve…


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