Teachers Day

One profession that truly demands one to give of oneself is teaching.  I have seen teachers who put their heart and soul into shaping their students’ lives. As teacher’s day approaches, I can’t help but think of all those teachers who left an impact ,shaped my thoughts and influenced to a large extent who I eventually became. Back in school I looked up to this poised lady who taught us English ( most of us are half in love with our english teachers) .I didn’t realize how much she influenced,untill I realised I was emulating her mannerisms !!

On the eve of teacher’s day I just wanted to remember all these wonderful teachers whom I owe a lot too. here’s an ode to them ( including my dad, whose passion is teaching)

You guide, you shape and mould

blessed with a wise mind and heart of gold

You empower us to be the best we can be

You teach us to think without shackles and be free

Patience, forbearance and poise innate

You empower us to choose our fate.

9 thoughts on “Teachers Day

  1. Wonderful. As children we never realize that sometimes the teachers that are hardest on us, the ones we say we can’t stand, are the one’s that stand out most in our life. In some instances, we mimic them when we teach, knowing that in our classrooms there’s one child crying at night saying “I can’t stand Ms…” and 20 years from now perhaps they will realize all the things we were so hard on them about prepared them in some small way for the lives they chose to live.

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