The times we live in….

From meaning to nothingness

From substance to emptiness

From snail mail to push mail

From homemaker to alpha female

From powerful prose to sms texts

From profundity to shallow pretexts

From patience to instantaneous gratification

From need to greed which knows no satiation

From the thirst to learn to focus on earning

From striving for peace to strife which has the nation burning 

From compassion and care to sheer callousness

Is this what we call progress or somewhere we regress???

7 thoughts on “The times we live in….

  1. Some progress happens only with regress in some or the other things down the line…that’s how we climb stairs…we leave the old stairs down 🙂

    That’s how things move…the old days go past us and the new days are waiting with arms open 🙂 If we’re positive we’ll find it good and if we’re negative we’ll find something or the other wrong in the new things 🙂

  2. We are moving at a very fast pace..not caring about what we leave behind..who we hurt..what the price we pay is.

    But so the story goes..each generation tells the ‘In our times’ story to the next..and we continue to race ahead.. Will be as the human race ever stop..who knows.. Time will tell..

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