Apathy at its worst….

Instances such as these only reaffirm the fact Delhi and perhaps all of urban India doesn’t quite have its heart in its right place . It is ironic that a woman gave birth right in the heart of Delhi, writhed in pain and died in filth, with people turning a blind eye. No one but one good Samaritan stepped in to the woman’s rescue .. What excuse do we have for such passivity, such apathy ? Is it put of fear or  sheer callousness that we don’t step forward , simply watch a woman writhe in pain and waste away in filth ? Has modern living deadened our senses to such an extent ?  Do we no longer possess even an apology of a conscience ? It is sad and makes me feel ashamed of owning up this city.. Will we  ever learn to step out of ourselves and reach out to another human being who is a random stranger or will we continue to be afflicted with narrow sympathies ?

5 thoughts on “Apathy at its worst….

  1. I know! It’s so so sad really…

    I was so shocked to read this piece of news… where were the authorities? even now, they are still creating problems to the lady who rescued the baby!
    Why hasn’t anyone claimed the woman’s body?
    So very shocking and sad… 😐

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