Longing for more….

Life is strange..when I look back  three or four years I was  this eager and rearing to go youngster,whose ardent desire was to leave home, work and live alone. I fancied being fiercely independent. Everything  for me revolved around attaining autonomy. .. Now that I am working and even married things are quite different.Not known to be overly emotional.. I get all misty eyed at the thought of my hometown and family.When ever I visit them times passes by in a flash ( as it did in the last  four days) I look forward to and yearn for the time I get to spend with my parents and siblings ..which is once every few months. For me my parental home now means a lot of things..a place where I can be me unabashedly and uncensored, it spells sheer indulgence, being pampered and showered with love by my mom, my brother’s wise cracks and witty repartee, bonding with my sister and listening to excited accounts of student life, my dad’s steady affection and words of wisdom and not to forget the pudding he so lovingly rustled just for me. For once I felt a warmth  and affection so special and rare that I wanted to put it in a box and keep it forever and ever.I get too greedy. Time just flies by and I try to slow it down, plead with the clock not to tick so fast. Of course it is great being back to the hubby .. but sometimes I want it all and wish my parents lived in the same city as me.. I guess somewhere the umbilical cord can never snap and parental and filial affection will continue to warm the cockles of my heart and make me greedy for more..

15 thoughts on “Longing for more….

  1. I can imagine how you feel, I too am feeling so low but it’s nice to meet and love and am happy and warm in the knowledge that my darling is loved and cared for. that’s what roots and wings are all about. We give you the strength to go out in the world and then wait for you to return and savour the moments you spend with us. Some day when you become a mom you know how it feels. We love you a lot.

  2. you are lucky you get to go in 4 months time its been more then a YEAR for me .. LIFE SUCKS when you think like that ….. and i know what you feel cause i feel it quadrupled…

  3. Parents and sibling love is special. Something you can count on for all times. And that is a thing we learn when they are not around every day.

    It has been a while since I last saw Maa and Paa and it will be a while still till I see them again..I know exactly what you are talking about..

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