If only…..

If only

I could hold time in my hand

If only

I could stop you from slipping away like sand

If only

I could wash away all hurt and pain

If only

I could dance like a child in the rain

If only

I could go back and live my life again

I wonder why is it such a human trait to live life in retrospect. We seldom live in the present and instead keep going back into the past hoping we’d lived life differently .I am still trying and someday hope to learn to relish the present moment and live a live of no regrets

4 thoughts on “If only…..

  1. Living life with no regrets is also a hard life. I regret very few things. I always have. I don’t let things get to me bu,t it makes me have a very large weakness. When something does affect me, it’s crushing. Life is easier if you can turn off that aspect of what makes you a person, but when it kicks in it also harshly reminds you, you never learned to exercise that muscle called your heart.

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