and then it rained…

Sameera looked out of the large French windows from her 16th floor office, as the rain lashed at the city with a rare vigour.
“ We might never meet now, but every times it rains you will be in my thoughts” Those are the words with which  Rohit had walked out of her life  three years ago, and so had her effervescence and zest for life. She was speechless then, no questions asked, no allegations made, they just went their own ways. The pain and hurt are what Sameera fought for a year.

She was no longer the girl he had left; Sameera had learnt to wear a mask which to the world showed a woman in control of herself and her life. Yet the way it rained today she couldn’t help going back those three years to the day her life changed forever. Her reverie broke with a phone call it was him, she knew it from the deep tenor and distinguished baritone. She was about to melt at the very sound of his Hello, he spoke as if nothing had ever happened. A lot had changed ever since. She checked herself before she could mellow any further…but the rain outside her window made it impossible for her to stop the tears streaming down her cheeks.

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