A recipe for disaster

We have an innate ability to turn anything into a disaster of magnitude.. Take the CW Games for instance…It seems the organizing committee of the CommonWealth Games took the term common wealth too literally and decided to pocket it.. Only if news channels like Times Now hadn’t played spoil sport ..they would have crossed this one like a lark.. The list of prices was ridiculous least to say.. For renting soap dispensers they coughed up a few thousands..To say that the funds were being grossly (mis)used is an understatement. Yesterday a person lost his pet at a Games site which had potholes and manholes and what does the MCD do ?? feign ignorance.We’re so apt at passing on the buck or acting as if we’re not aware what happened.With barely two months to go we’re running out of time to salvage whatever little is left of our pride and put up a decent show to the world….

5 thoughts on “A recipe for disaster

  1. 😦 😦 Hmm sad but true 😦 I think we need to hv stringent measures in place. Hw long will we keep letting money rule over anything and everything 😦

  2. I think what we as citizens should do is maybe boycott the games.. let no one go for the opening ceremony .. maybe then the officers will wake up but then on second thought NA it wont make a difference as such half the seats are probaly alreayd given to there own families and VIP’s so it wont make a different ALAS .. sob story…

  3. OMG! I thought it was just here in Australia that they are making a huge hue and cry about the terrible management of things in Delhi. The reality is much worse I see. Good thing Times Now did the expose, much needed I would say. I home the Commonwealth Games, do not become a burden of shame for the country to carry for the rest of its life. Damn the organizing committee’s cheap, fraudulent, cheating, immoral staff. Its sad that in carrying out their heinous deeds, they are bringing shame to the whole nation!

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