Are We Bloggers A self indulgent lot ??

It just struck me yesterday while working on something blogging  more than a form of expression or reaching out to people is the best form of self-indulgence !! 🙂 It is an ideal place to unmask your truest self , the best place to say what you want without caring how others will perceive it.. It is perhaps the only place where one doesn’t have to wait for a chance to say what one wants too !!

Am I being too exacting or is that the way you too perceive blogging ? come on tell me??

12 thoughts on “Are We Bloggers A self indulgent lot ??

    • though blogging is surely the place where you can be your true self and write what you want to express about anything and everything but I still feel once you get into this circle of knowing the fellow bloggers you somehow come under that pressure of being a good human being even at time when you don’t want to be good or talk good or write good about certain things…

      There are peer pressures too in this’s just that how you tackle this all and still be yourself when you blog 🙂

  1. He he bang on! U cn say anything and everything and still feel accepted 😛
    I think people are broad-minded here, may be because we read a variety of things and try to be more open and accept things.

  2. It is self indulgent yes, but since its also public, sometimes saying certain things may stir up a hornet’s nests. And the blog-world trolls, are all over the place aren’t they? But yes, i agree to the basic premise of being open and honest, especially in the initial stages. But once you form alliances, in the blog-world, that does get a bit tougher!

  3. you said it very RIGHT, I write what i feel or think.. or how i take it .. my blog is for me and people who know me or are like me or have the same feelings come and see it

    some like what i write … some dont like..

    but yeah over period i have becomes conscious, i try not to write things which might hurt someone.. i did once and oh man.. disaster it was ..

    though it would be good if people visit and tell us if we r right or wrong it would help in us developing and gettign more mature tooo 🙂

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