A perfect journey of self acceptance

Most of us undermine our self-worth and keep striving for perfection..without realising along the way that it is our unique quirks that make us truly perfect. We fret and worry about what people think of us without realising people are equally worried about our opinion of them.. recently at a party I met a few acquaintances who are quite attractive looking but I was shocked by their total lack of confidence in themselves. This dawned on me when one of them gave me such a quizzical look after I complemented her.. We women in a bid to sound modest and down to earth sometimes really under sell ourselves and can be a little too self deprecatory for our own good.

Here’s a story I came across on the internet which is a beautiful idiom for self acceptance.. I just couldn’t resist sharing it

I’ve been told about an elderly lady leaving somewhere in Wales in a lovely cottage. Unfortunately her lovely cottage was so far away from any town she had no opportunity to have the direct water supply. And so every day, she went to a small lake with her two pots, filled them with water and brought them back home.

The lake wasn’t too far away but the path was rather interesting, it was slightly dry and dusty on one side.

One of the pots was old and had a crack and the other one was slightly newer and had no problems at all, or as we say: It was perfect. The crack in the older pot wasn’t small, in fact it leaked so badly that by the time the pots with water were brought back to the cottage, the older pot had only half water left from what the old lady filled it with.

The old pot was so upset and felt such guilt for making old lady to carry it all the way back to the cottage only to arrive half full. The pot lost all the confidence it had and thought of itself not only as a worthless pot but as the one imposing pain onto the old lady.


One day the older pot shared it’s fears with the newer pot asking for some sort of support and seeking any solutions to help the old lady and save itself from the embarrassing existence. As you understand the shiny newer pot only laughed and made the older pot feel even worse about the whole situation.After few months have passed and it was coming close to the end of the summer the older pot decided to find whatever bravery it could find in itself and to approach an old lady itself. Once the old lady have filled the pots with water that day and started her walk back to the little cottage, the broken pot spoke:“My dear old lady I am so sorry to put you through so much troubles and not being able to serve you well. I am very humiliated I am not serving you as well as I should. I realize I am at the worst stage of my existence and I believe it would be only fair to you to end my shame and guilt.”The old lady was so surprised, she almost shouted:

“Dear pot, did you not notice I always carry you on this side of the road so that on the way back to the cottage you always water the grass and little flowers? Did you not pay attention how dry and dusty is the other side of the path?

Did you not realize those field flowers I bring every week home and they keep me so happy for days are those very flowers you water? If it wasn’t for your crack you are so ashamed of, I would not enjoy these flowers, I would not enjoy the amazing and sweet smell of them. If it wasn’t for you and being exactly as you are, I would have a boring walk on a dusty path back home every time after the lake and I would not cherish the moments of noticing how new flowers start blossoming at different times?

My dear old pot, not only you are so important and much needed. You are absolutely perfect exactly the way you are!”

The old lady and those two pots are still together, although now both pots know how each of them is very special in their unique ways. 

So many times we criticize ourselves and quite forget or overlook the unique skills we have or exceptional character traits we are gifted with.

6 thoughts on “A perfect journey of self acceptance

  1. totally true.. but i guess its like we dont trust ourself and somehow if someone else tells us we trust that more ..

    its all a growing process isn’t it .. some might say we have a ego or have superiority complex..

    But I defintely agree that one should bhave Self acceptance and self-love , well who else knows us more then ourselves 🙂

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