The Imp In Us


It never does pay to be too saintly and martyr like is what all of us come to realize sooner or later.We were all reared to be Ms goody shoes and Mr can do no wrong.. This is all good if you’re living a fairytale existence which of course we seldom live…the real world forces us to leave our goody-goody ways far behind.. It challenges our baser instincts : lust, jealousy, killer competitiveness, anger, hatred we learn to encounter and experience these emotions as we come of age.. This makes it imperative for us to give fire to the imp in all of us.. and by this I don’t mean we all turn shrewd but merely  become astute enough to protect ourselves…..

A random quote I read some where just fits the bill when it comes to describing what I am talking about and just couldn’t resist sharing it .. It happens to be true especially in the context of the corporate world 🙂
” Everyone needs a little bit of devil in them to succeed at anything”

Ahem now that’s quite  true…would love to know from all of you how do you use the devil in you to succeed at anything ?? do you leverage your devilish streak….

6 thoughts on “The Imp In Us

    • of course ! I’m totally against being so very saintly-godly!! I believe that I’m a normal human being with all the possible emotions and I’m loving the way it is…just let me be ! 😉

      Only important point here is not to carry your attitude too high that you are out of reach of people..specially around you…and not to let your attitude to low that people around you and beyond don’t see you and stamp on you-on purpose / by mistake !

  1. sometimes, I show it out.. else all my pranks (harmless ones only) are with friends and family!
    Work – I don’t generally let the devil show, but, sometimes, it’s needed…

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