life’s little longings

In a country which kills its women for honour and a girl child is not even allowed to be born, where rape and eve teasing is common place.. Where a woman is judged by what she wears .. Where a woman is always expected to toe the line.. what can her heart possibly yearn for ? she longs for a little space and the freedom to be what she wants….I strung together a few words to say just that.

The freedom to speak my mind

The freedom to choose and find

The freedom to choose a mate

The freedom to write my fate

The freedom to wear

The freedom to

The freedom to draw the line

The freedom to stand up for what is mine

The freedom to raise my voice

The freedom to make a choice

5 thoughts on “life’s little longings

  1. To Hell with it all attitude … might do the wonders.. why shud you care what others think what you are doing .. does it matter …

    i guess its the inner insecurities of the SOCIETY itself that done let women do what they want to ..

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