Seductive Trap

Lately I had fallen into an extremely addictive trap which is extremely common.. It goes by the name of self pity. I am sure most of us have found ourselves drowing in it at some point in time. It can become such a habit to feel sorry for one’s self and strut around with a martyr-like expression.. But then I discovered wallowing in self pity was falling into a bottomless pit..There’s just no end to it..

It might be such a seductive thing  to pout and look all woebegone; crib and become a victim of one’s circumstances but at the end of it all where does it leave you ? No where to be precise.. I am finally starting to snap out of it .. it really is no fun being a tragedy queen for long 🙄

7 thoughts on “Seductive Trap

  1. Yeah, self pity – one of those games the ego commonly plays with us

    Coming to the title you chose, I once saw an article with title ‘Free Porn For You’ on a business website. The title had no relation to the article. The writer’s sole intent was that ‘Free’ and ‘Porn’ attract a lot of clicks online.

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