there’s a time in life..

when you start sifting out people from your life,turn choosy when it comes to picking people you would like to relate with ,and adopt a Good Luck to those who wish me well and the rest  go to hell attitude …

By the look of it I am miles away from this stage..

And if you ask why would I like to be there.. it is cause indifference and a devil-may-care attitude give you a strange kind of liberation..might sound really strange.. but I would love to feel liberated in that manner 😉

6 thoughts on “there’s a time in life..

  1. Reaching there is not at all difficult I’m telling you..and I’m almost there,trust me it feels wonderful l: )come join me 😉

  2. I have done this! the feeling so so awesome!! 😀
    A bit of guilt was there of course! But, took care of that as well since I was doing so much better!! 😀

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