Stepping out of the comfort zone

Why are we so scared of living the life we want to live ? What exactly holds us back ? What stops us from doing that which we love doing ? Why would we rather spend our time cribbing about what we have, than taking hold of things and getting what we want ? Often it is sheer inertia, procrastination, sometimes it is a lack of faith in our ability and at others it is merely a fear of succeeding.. We might crib a lot and yet that is where we develop a comfort zone in our status quo and any change in that is likely to make us unsure of ourselves.. There is no harm once in a while to step out of that comfort zone, egg ourselves and get what we want.. Often what we want isn’t ours’ for we never cared to ask for it !!

10 thoughts on “Stepping out of the comfort zone

  1. Often what we want isn’t ours’ for we never cared to ask for it !! – So so true!
    Heard of that ‘deaf-frog’ analogy – that is what we need to do 🙂 🙂

  2. You know, you are right – we get stuck in that comfort zone… and of course there is that fear of failure as well when one ventures into something new!

    And of course, sometimes, there’s responsibility as well!

    Very profound post LOI!

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