Choice or Chance ?

To excercise the power of choice and walk free

Or to seek  the cocoon of warmth and security

This is life’s perpetual conflicting choice

Whether to listen to one’s head or pay heed to the inner voice

Are the choices made by us or for us

How do we know what we’re doing is meant for us or did we just miss the bus?

5 thoughts on “Choice or Chance ?

  1. Oh!! Many a times..i feel the power of choice takes me to a different direction altogether ..thats where i feel quittin everything..and run into the shell of warmth & security!!

  2. ahh tough question there 🙂

    But I guess everyone has that inner voice playing at the right time..called as instincts…I always go with them..till date haven’t gone wrong ..not that better options are not lost because of that..they do..but what I chose also yields benefits 🙂 so instincts that is !

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