Gender Bender

Thanks to  PNA  and Swaram I picked on my grey cells to think about My sins against gender-stereotypes

I love every bit about being a woman and would want to be one as many times as I am born.I adore shopping, bonding with my girlfriends and candyfloss romances, yet everything about me isnt really ‘Girly’ . if I were to be asked to fit into the mould of  a typical woman that would take a lot of turning a twisting which I am never going to be willing to do..

here is my badge

– I loved playing outdoor games,irrespective of  the sun shining bright on my head and the last worry on my mind was a tan. I never wanted to be ‘fair’ and would have any day preferred to have the sultry dusky skin tone.

– I absolutely abhor make up .. it is only now that I have grown to accept kohl and gloss.Otherwise hiding behind tons of grease paint never quite appealed to me.

– My parents let me be a free bird whether it came to choosing what I wanted to study, which career I wanted to pursue or whom I wanted to marry.. They reared me to think the world was my oyster and the sky my limit..My being a woman was never a deterrent in any of my choices in life.

– I was never too verbose about my feelings and emotions..( though in recent years that has changed sigh !)

– I can never flutter my eyelashes and make cow’s eyes at people to get them to listen to me.. I would rather say it like it is and get a yes/ no from them. In a nutshell I am quite dense in the department of displaying feminine wiles..

– I was brought up in a house which defied gender stereotypes there was no distinction between a nurturer and provider.. Both my parents  filled in both roles : they were both nurturers and providers.

–  I would rather watch a news channel or even sports compared to those tear jerkers and sob stories that pass off as apologies for soap operas.

– I can laugh out loud without getting self-conscious: at all jokes mine or other people’s. I enjoy all kinds of humour even the loud and raunchy sorts in movies like the Ugly Truth.

– The only piece of jewellery which I have some affection for is my engagement ring.. Other than that I have never had much affinity towards jewellery or perfumes of any kind.

The scatterbrain that I am I forgot to tag  12 people to do it. I shall tag Nu,Nidhi,Kriti,GM,Dew,Titaxy,divya and others I may have left out !!

11 thoughts on “Gender Bender

  1. SAGS (Sinner Against Gender Stereotypes) of the first order, u are Madam 🙂
    we are all proud offsprings of a SAGS family 😀 😀
    Just that we got to know the category and the family name today
    We can be part of an FB Group 😀

    You know what, I never gave a thought to all these differences until I found many others thinking in these ways at college. I was shocked first, it was a revelation of sorts… MJ explained later they practiced in our society.

    Go get your badge at IHM’s Suranga’s lovely badges for all SAGS 🙂

    • Hey PNA thanks a bunch girl 🙂 I am all game for the FB group and absolutely revel in being a sinner 😉 and proud to be a part of the SAGS family.. I shall get the badge right away . I can identify what you’re saying.. I figured out most of these differences even after college once I started working !!

  2. Hey I love being outdoors too. To hell with a tan and all such things. Guess what i did this, and have tagged you too, will just add you on the list of the one who tagged me. 😉

  3. Loved playing outdoor games, never wanted to be ‘fair’ , you watch news channels or even sports, don’t enjoy jewelry or make up – what a sinfully un-stereotypical woman you are 🙂

    LOL@ “dense in the department of displaying feminine wiles” Ha ha …. but aren’t all women supposed to love doing that?

    I loved these lines, I think parents can make such an enormous difference!

    “I was brought up in a house which defied gender stereotypes there was no distinction between a nurturer and provider… Both my parents filled in both roles : they were both nurturers and providers.”

    Being able to laugh out loud without getting self-conscious – or singing or hopping to a good tune, are luxuries for women. I feel sad that expression of relaxed joy, specially in public places – is reserved for men 😦 I too laugh out loud quite comfortably… wish one could hum or sing or whistle with the same ease – like a free citizen should be able to do.

    I hope we bring changes with our own and the coming generations. We can 🙂

    You are invited to join SAGS on Facebook!!

    • thanks a lot IHM 🙂 I believe we can certainly make a difference by sensitising people and encouraging them to think gender neutrally..we’re individuals first and men and women later..
      I have already joined the SAGS group and added a link to this post 🙂

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