Eternal Quest of the Human Mind

If wishes were horses I’d let them loose

I change my mind  often ; can seldom choose 

 I can’t really make up my mind

 What is that I am trying to find

 yesterday’s ardent desire

today seems to have lost fire

 It’s a puzzle rather a meandering maze

 Life for me is about the eternal chase

9 thoughts on “Eternal Quest of the Human Mind

  1. This is a great poem – a subject I’ve recently been thinking of writing about too. It’s great to see when others express exactly what you’ve been thinking about. Chloe x

  2. Bingo… the expressions, the words and the feelings… 😀 😀
    This mind of ours has its own mind… 😛 and ppl blame us and not our mind 😛

    U are tagged 🙂

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