Who are we?

When it comes to classifying our society I am always at a loss .. Are we progressive, retrogressive, insulated, open.. What exactly is it that defines.us . I can’t quite pinpoint ..

Look at the media for instance we lap up all those television soap operas which show child brides, women donning sindoor and praying and doing nothing but planning and plotting.. We claim to hate these yet these are the ones that gross most TRPs !!

We claim to be turning egalitarian and yet caste and gotra seem to be creating deeper rifts so deep that people are willing to kill their own blood relatives.

On one hand we are lauding women who’ve managed to break the glass ceiling in the workplace on the other we still don’t have a proper law against sexual harassment at the workplace.It is still a mere draft

We’re supposed to be a collective society where family support is what was supposed to be an individual’s security net yet the number of suicides and depression statistics seems to be spiralling upwards..

We deny vehemently favouring the male of the species..yet the female per 1,00o males ratio in Punjab and Haryana speaks otherwise.

We rear our kids to lean on us emotionally ( we Indians have never learnt to untie the umbilical cord gracefully) Yet we expect them to suddenly turn autonomous and take responsibility when it suits us.

We keep harping on tradition when it suits us that is when we want others to follow them and very conveniently we can do a volte face and claim we’re a modern society..

We might be globe trotters yet when it comes to connecting with people we usually connect with those from our community or at the most ,state..We’re a parochial lot yet we never admit it.

Men still want ‘hip’ girlfriends and docile wives. They still marry for the fact of having someone to cook for them and tend to their mothers !! Yet they seldom admit this .

What exactly are we? This post might sound like a confused ramble. That’s exactly what it is.. I really don’t know where I stand.what defines my identity as an Indian ?? My take on this is we’re floating somewhere in between we’re a society in flux, in transition.. we want to change yet we resist change.. We are trying to let go off tradition and yet haven’t really grasped what it entails to be truly liberal .

7 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. We are wannabes. Period.
    That’s good and bad, yes.
    But we are a confused lot because our individual nature and the society’s nature never gel. Like what u said about the umbilical cord (nice phrase, there 🙂 We may want change, but we end up forcefully following the trodden path because other paths are locked and sealed! It’s our society and the only way of hoping for any is to make it big somehow, and then preach, because our society listens to the powerful (make it any society). However, point to be noted here is that individual’s ideals may change when (s)he reaches the apex; they turn out to be like the rest they resisited in their powerless state !

    But change is happening. small doses, small steps, one step, like we think and we are ready to implement. It will take time to erase the hundreds of years of social history from our race.

  2. Oh u put in words all that I wud ever want to say LOI. I know I say that many times on ur blog 😛 but seriously!

    ( we Indians have never learnt to untie the umbilical cord gracefully) – Sigh! Thatz so true!

    I agree to each one of them! And if we dnt stay with our in-laws or invite someone from another community for a puja etc… we are considered rebels! I better be one 🙂

  3. sovery true we are nothing but hypocrites. live in dual standards end of. its not just men its the same with women too, ITs the same everywhere … girls these days make BF as they change there clothes… Boys do the same

    there is no respect for family traditions, religious traditions… no respect for elders.. we all want to go and do our own thing…

    scary world we are living in… and I am part of it 🙂

    WHAT WE ARE.. well we are hypocrites, we do things as they suit us … PERIOD.

    my comment has become even more confusing now 🙂

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