The dark side of Glamour

When we see models sashaying down the ramps with a confident stride and their heads held high, we just look at the made up face and the perfect 10 body. No one can fathom the turmoil these models go through, the toll that the stresses and strains of life in the fast lane take on their bodies and minds. Yesterday when I picked up the morning newspaper to see yet another model give up on life.. the loneliness of  the glamour world is what struck me.. Suicide is the ultimate cry for attention , a person has to be deep in despair and depression to be able take his or her own life.. 6 years back it was the articulate and intelligent VJ and model Nafisa Joseph who took her life .. This too was a case of a love relationship gone awry.. relationships and sense of self are clearly too fragile in the world of glitz and glamour.. If only girls who wither under the stress of grease paint and arclights were given the strength to deal with failure and had family or friends whom they could turn to.. many a young life could be saved from withering away like this..

7 thoughts on “The dark side of Glamour

  1. I was pained to read about it…just thinking…it must have been too difficult for her to endure..due to which she had to take a step like this… People may call her weak…coward..what not..cook stories..make postmortem about it saying who’s fault,(Being a girl,the target would be no-one but herself)what could have gone wrong, etc..

    I would not call it anything…but just her level of intolerable pain & heart-ache!

  2. I wonder whether it is such a bad ruthless world after all behind those curtains and stage 😦 Poor thing, to be lonely is the worst thing in life, nobody to share ur ups and downs, nobody to hug;

    People matter, relationships matter, that’s what the headlines scream out between the lines when such a news is reported…

    Death is never a solution to anything, you die, the living griefs and is left to settle and face the world!!

    What comes to mind: all that glitters is not gold… !!

  3. Not to draw any conclusions……but I somewhere feel…..the professional and personal aura of being a model is yet not accepted in the orthodox society…..which brings the loneliness to their crowded life…..its a fatal oxymoron…….

  4. The words you write here are so true – the pressure young girls in general go through is intense. Models especially project one image, whilst the reality is a totally different one.

    You might like to read a poem I posted the other day called “The Eye of the Beholder” – which talks about something very similar. Please visit my blog if you have the time –

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