We don’t want too much

We women seldom demand too much

We don’t ask for it all

We merely want to be loved, cherished

and treasured from summer untill fall

To be respected , to be accepted and  stand tall

We women seldom demand too much

We don’t ask for it all

We just want to be called thin even when we’re not

We want you to remember the day we met , fought

kissed,made up and tied the knot.

We want to be held when we cry

We want to be praised when we try

We want you to dance to our beat

We just want the world at our feet

Yet you see women seldom demand too much

We don’t ask for it all.

We want you talk every time we call

We want to be held gently lest we fall

Chivalry  is  really the key

To make us go all weak in the knee

We just want you to hear what we don’t say

And when we tell you to leave us alone or go away

We’re really telling you to please stay.

We want to be able to shop till we drop

We want to be taken seriously even when we look like a doll

Yes you’ve got it all right we don’t want too much

We never ask for it all..

The big daddy of psychotheraphy scratched his head and smoked numerous cigars and yet remained befuddled to this enigmatic question. Over the years countless men have racked their brains to be able to figure out what women really really want.. Their were battles fought over the Helen of Troy , over Draupadi yet no one could ever really tell what really is on a woman’s mind.. It is a tricky question. But since I have the privilege of being born a woman ( Yes I love every bit of it !) I think I can answer this question in my own wayward, lopsided manner … for all the women reading this : you know what I am getting at and for all the men do read in between the lines.. that is probably the only way you can read a woman’s complex mind..

Disclaimer : Mine is a rather irreverential,tongue in cheek take !

This is a part of the Blogadda contest..

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13 thoughts on “We don’t want too much

  1. 😀
    loved it!
    Best of luck for the contest!!

    I love being a woman and I’m so glad to have been born when I was born and not in the olden days!! 😉

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