Archaic notions..

Perceptions are so coloured by stereotypes..especially when it comes to women in the workplace. Yes even today..sad but an inevitable reality.. She told me that people still perceive a woman who displays drive,enthusiasm and  as a climber..someone who wants to move up the corporate ladder quickly !! This fact saddens me no extent..if this is the mindset and if this is what remains we as a society can never mature.. We refuse to see people as they are , rather we choose to see them as we want to..  Juggle work and home, do a tight rope walk , plus be careful about not giving people a wrong impression. Phew that’s a tall order. I’d rather have people perceive other people as individuals or professionals than men and women.. When men network at the workplace it is just that networking..if a woman tries doing that she’s seen in a different light.. Such labels disgust me no end.. and what makes it worse when other women are the ones who impose such labels.. It is so easy to put people in slots and misjudge intentions..  We pride ourselves in becoming a liberal society..but reflections like these tell me that being liberal is a mere label we like having ..ground reality is mentally we’re quite not there  and continue to cling to archaic notions of how people should be and behave..Isn’t it ?

10 thoughts on “Archaic notions..

      • Agree ! But then you know what I feel in these situations ?

        People who understand me and take for who I am are the one who belong to me others ? duh !

        I know it might be tough for some people to apply this kind of attitude..but I put it this way: It’s the need of the hour…we need to stand up for ourselves if we know that we’re not doing anything wrong !

  1. I quite like your attitude Nu.. can I borrow it 😉 On a serious note.. i agree it is important to take a the same time as a society we must work on liberating ourselves..

  2. You know what, appreciation is a stingy virtue in most of the people at a workplace or in this world especially, when it comes to praising a woman!
    It is bad, but one should go on, let people talk, —-deaf ear, blind eye, dumb tongue — take it as others inability or their jealousy, why lose our courage when we know we are right and our path is right… Our worth, our work will be appreciated in the long run.
    I am a believer in justice, and I strongly believe it exist… 🙂

    Very strong thoughts there 🙂

    ps: There were many posts on the glass ceiling at the workplace during the Indus Ladies women’s day celeb month. Hop there if you want to read more

  3. it’s a tall order LOI and as PNA mentions appreciation is a stingy virtue!
    I speak from struggling for 7 yrs.. and I continuwe to struggle to gain respect at different levels.

    in my current work place, its slightly better, but this opinion seems only to be mine and my frns do struggle more, so should i say, i’ve been lucky?

    Things are changing, but its slow…

    very strong post as PNA says.. i loved it 🙂

  4. U r so damn rt LOI! But then, we gotta be the way we r and hope that these ppl change! We can’t live the way women lived years before may be. I know it hurts more when women feel so too 😦

    In my current team, I am the only girl and when we go for chai in the evening, can u believe one of my colleagues asked me ‘Tu paanch-paanch ladko ke saath kaise ghoomti hain?’ How can we change such perverts!

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