how do you deal with people ?

– who think they are always right !!

– who think they’re god’s gift to mankind?

– who refuse to be amenable to reason ?

– people who think they’re Miranda Priestly incarnate ??

Well my week began with encountering people just like that ..and I am still wondering how to deal with them !!

13 thoughts on “how do you deal with people ?

  1. my dad use to say two things .. Ek kaan se suno.. doosre se nikaal do..

    and also Suno sab ki but KAro apne DIl ki…

    so you can ignore such idiots .. and do what you want to .. cause beleive me if you lsiten and do what they want they will still find a problem in that .. so why bother…

  2. Let ’em be LOI!
    I work with people like that, and if this is work related, let them make their mistakes, but, you keep proof of whatever you have suggested in the form of emails!
    Other than work – best to ignore them!

  3. IGNORE THEM, they’ll never change for one, never will listen, but will always speak speak and speak… Some eard buds and a mouth full of water 🙂

    Easy to advice I know, but It’s hard to follow these…. why do u think I have bottle of water with me always, two uses: Use one quench thirst, use two: Whack on their head 😀 😛

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