After watching Rajneeti

What struck me at first was I’d make a horrible politician, I am a little dense when it comes to planning and plotting 🙄 Now back to the film it’s worth a watch for Prakash Jha’s gripping narrative and all the actors pitching in with worthy performances.. The only thing that got at me was the amount of bloodshed and gore..But that is usually a part of all movies which are ‘realistic’

Yesterday was perhaps the most indulgent sunday I’ve had in a long time..slept to my heart’s content followed by a visit to the saloon for a relaxing head massage, pulled my husband along for a film in the evening and then some shopping.. 😀 Not to forget the dinner that followed. As you can see I am grinning from ear to ear and now all set to take on the hectic week that lies ahead.. Would love to know how did all of you unwind this weekend ?

8 thoughts on “After watching Rajneeti

    • Wow that was a great Sunday that you had..head massage,shopping and movie and yeah the dinner 🙂 wow !!

      I liked the movie too..And for a change I liked Ranbeer too 🙂

      Hey Nu yes he acted well and looked quite ok.. how was ur sunday ?

  1. yea.. I watched Raajneeti too! 😀
    nice movie… some of the cliches are predictable! 😀

    And the massage and parlour visit sounds heavenly!

    I did just about the same except for the parlour visit – which was taken care of on the previous weekend!! 😀 😀

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